♡ 1 Hour of Relaxing Bunny Boy ASMR ♡ | Ear Massage, Comfort Pats, Ear Cleaning, Tingles, & More~♡ |って動画が話題らしいぞ
#痛み #消える?


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An hour of comfy bunny noises, pyonfect for calming down!

This is my 10k YouTube special! It took me a very long time to make this, and I hope you end up enjoying it! It was honestly a ton of fun to make and edit, as long as everything around me wasn’t making sound! I love you all so much, my precious fluffle ^w^

Hugely Inspired by @LemonLeafASMR’s version of this, but with my own triggers and my own spin on it!

Time Stamps:
♡ 0:00 – Welcome and introduction!
♡ 2:48 – Preview!
♡ 21:26 – Ear Cleaning!
♡ 31:48 – Ear Blowing!
♡ 36:50 – Ear Massage/Cupping!
♡ 40:19 – Bunny Kissies!
♡ 43:25 – Headphone Scratchies!
♡ 47:02 – Bnuy Heartbeat!
♡ 55:45 – Headpats w/ Affirmations!
♡ 59:17 – Tapping!
♡ 1:02:44 – Ending!
♡ 1:04:28 – Bnuy Bloopers!

🌸 Socials~! 🌸

🌸I stream five days a week over on twitch! My schedule is roughly this-
♡ Sunday: 11:59pm EST- ASMR
♡ Monday: BREAK
♡ Tuesday: 2:00pm EST – Gaming
♡ Wednesday: Break
♡ Thursday: 11:59pm EST – ASMR
♡ Friday: 2:00pm EST – Gaming
♡ Saturday: 11:59pm EST – ASMR

🌸 You can find me on twitter at: https://twitter.com/shirybun

🌸 Join my discord! We have event nights every Wednesday! https://discord.gg/YpF2sqHkxb

🌸 Want special perks? I actually have my own Patreon here~ https://www.patreon.com/shirybun

Thank you everybun for watching~! And a special pyon to those who actually read the description~! It means a lot to me ^w^


>>1 おつかれ。いつもありがと


>>1 #痛み #解消!

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