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Craniosacral is another gentle system that is based on a pneumatic pump of the Craniosacral fluid or CSF. It’s going to be a little bit difficult to discuss, or show you, how Craniosacral is going to be done. But one of the most effective, or points, that can help increase or decrease fluid in your body or for your recipient is going to be on the back of your head. It’s a very common point that is utilized in Chinese and Japanese and Aromatic healing medicines. I’m going to take this pulsor out and basically go on the junction where the head meets the neck. There’s a divet between the two spots of the bone and basically nestle one finger, supporting the head with the other fingers.

This pneumatic technique, or still point technique, is deeply relaxational. You’re not using any force what so ever. But your allowing this tissue of this recipient’s to sink more and more into your fingers and waiting for the tissue to release. You’re going to possibly feel a little side bend, side-to-side blocking, a pulsation that happens, or a lengthening of the neck muscles. This should be not done more than a maximum of seven minutes.

But if you can hold still it would be wonderful to hold to that point. Otherwise, you can let go of the recipients head slowly, completely trying to push your fingers onto the table top as slowly as possible so the recipient is not jolted out of the experience. Withdraw your hands slowly away. That’s how you do Craniosacral massage techniques during head massage.


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