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ASMR: EXTRAordinary Service at the Vietnamese VIP Barbershop! (Shave, Massage, Shampoo) seems to be a hot topic
#Will the pain go away?

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ASMR: EXTRAordinary Service at the Vietnamese VIP Barbershop! (Shave, Massage, Shampoo)

📍Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Name of the place: VIP 이발소 贵宾 帝皇理发店 VIP Barbershop
Address: https://maps.app.goo.gl/d1ytGqpyvEcjtXwm9

🀄 My Chinese Course for English Speakers: https://www.semplicinese.com/learnchinese
👀 VPN that I use in China (30 days free): https://www.xvbelink.com/?a_fid=alexfabb

✉️ Contact me: alexfabb@yahoo.com
(it you want me to come shoot at your spa please reach out via email)

00:00 – intro
00:52 – VIP Barbershop
01:14 – foot washing
02:13 – shave
09:13 – facial
11:23 – neck and head massage
15:21 – cucumber
17:37 – ear cleaning
25:13 – foot massage
25:53 – leg massage
27:47 – foot massage
28:49 – leg massage
30:54 – arm massage
35:13 – back massage
39:00 – we go upstairs
39:36 – massage
42:03 – head face massage and shampoo
48:57 – hair dryer
50:15 – end

Hey guys today I went to the vietnamese VIP barbershop, here I tried an amazing treatment, the full service that includes shaving, ear cleaning, head massage, body and foot massage and shampoo! The massage therapist was very professional and skilled! A real pro! If you like asmr massage videos, asmr relax massage asmr vietnam, massages asmr, barber massage asmr, asmr personal attention sleep massage, asmr massage roleplay for sleep, head and ear massage asmr, ear cleaning asmr, asmr head massage, asmr facial treatment, asmr sleep, asmr no talking, massage asmr sleep and asmr massages in general subscribe!

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