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Here’s how to do deep tissue massage in a way that’s powerful, and in a way that’s comfortable for you and your client.
0:00 Introduction
0:38 What is deep tissue massage?
1:18 Live demonstration with client
1:24 Making your first contact
3:25 Applying massage techniques with intention
5:50 Your experience as a new massage therapist
6:50 Applying deep pressure
8:20 How to make your massage techniques feel “long”
9:18 Using your bodyweight to apply deep pressure
10:35 Moving your client’s body as you work

When you’re giving a massage, give plenty of consideration to your first contact. There’s no need to rush into your routine. Take a moment to gradually introduce your touch, allowing your client to acclimate to that feeling of contact, and giving yourself time to experience the body that you’ll be interacting with for the next hour. Make this first contact a question: “What’s going on with this unique body?”

Continue making thoughtful contact as you introduce your massage. When you apply your first few deep tissue techniques, take the time to be gradual as you approach and exit. Be curious about the body that’s in your care, and listen to your hands. Think about providing a kind and nonjudgmental space where your client can “just be.”

When you’re using deep pressure, think “long and strong.” Avoid overuse of short, sharp techniques that can be grating to the nervous system. Let most of your massage techniques feel a mile long, working slowly, and allowing your hands to conform to the surface of your client’s body.

As you sink into your techniques, allow each movement to come from your stance rather than from the small joints of your wrists and elbows. If your strength is coming from your arms, your touch can feel tentative and unsure. If you use your bodyweight and gravity, your massage can feel like a crashing wave.

Finally, allow your massage to distort your client’s body. You should see their torso move as you glide. You should see their ribs compress, and their spine change shape. Your broad, sweeping moves can cause rocking and jostling. This can be a very comforting phenomenon, and it can make your massage feel like it’s reaching more deeply.

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