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If you have lymphedema or swelling on your arm but you might want to watch this video.

Lymphedema is characterized by localized swelling or swelling on a specific area. This is caused by trauma or blockage to your lunphatic system. There are multiple reasons why you might have this kind of swelling but just to rule out anything else, you might want to see your doctor to have a proper diagnosis. Ask your doctor if it’s OK to do lymphatic drainage.
In this video we will be doing in Lymphatic drainage or massage. This is also called manual lymphatic massage.

First let’s do deep breathing. Push slightly on each quadrant of your belly.
Let’s start massaging under the jaw to stimulate the lymph nodes under it.
Next will massage the clavicle area or the collarbone. Use your entire hand if possible.
We also need to massage the groin area. Do at least 9 to 12 cycles.
After that, we will massage the armpit opposite to the arm that is swollen.
Now we will massage the middle part of your chest where the anastomosis is located.
Then pull across to the opposite under arm Starting from the chest closest to the opposite armpit. Do a pull and release action.
Now we go lower. We will massage the middle of the waist where there is a pathway. You can use the push and pull technique or circular technique.
Next we will massage the Under arm Of the side that is swollen.
Now let’s massage the arm. We will start from the shoulder. We will typically divide the arm into smaller areas. So we start from the shoulder. Next day upper arm. Remember to use the pool and release technique. Then we go to the elbow. If there are areas that are tougher to the touch then spend more time there. Don’t forget the bend of your elbow. Next will be your upper forearm going down to your wrist. Then we go to the hand starting from the back of your hand. You can bend your arm to allow gravity to assist the drainage. And then we go to the fingers usually the fingers will be more swollen because of the joints there. So spend more time there you can also use the slightly pooling of the skin to create negative pressure. then we go back to your hand, towards your wrist then towards your forearm, elbow upper arm and then your shoulder and your arm pits. Remember that this is better if you can do skin to skin contact. Then we massage in the middle of the waist area. Then we finish off with the deep breathing again on each quadrant. Slightly pressing down and doing a deep breath.

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This video should not replace the necessity of visiting your doctor or getting your occupational therapy session done. Please consult your primary care physician before doing any of this. The video is for educational purposes only.

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