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Amazing relaxing yoga drums. Very positive, rhythmic, music for meditation, spa. Suitable for concentration, study, contemplation. Soft background.

video original—-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tCsOnBy1Fs
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I will be Very Happy if you watch my videos and listen to this Beautiful, Soothing and Healing music. Relaxing Sleep Music • Deep Sleeping Music, Fall Asleep Fast, Soft Piano Music, Nature sounds

“Music to sleep deeply and rest the mind, relaxing and calm music to sleep.
To stay calm and relieve stress after a hard day at work, turn on soothing music. By listening to relaxing music, you can reduce stress hormones in the body. It helps the body fight the symptoms of prolonged stress.

These videos are Great for meditation. You can reach VERY DEEP MEDITATIVE STATES, HEAL AND ALIGN your SOUL, find BALANCE, PEACE, JOY and infinite PEACE.
Meditation Relax Music Channel presents a Relaxing Music Video with peaceful music for deep meditation, music therapy or to fall asleep fast. This relaxing composition can be used as Deep Meditation Music, Music for Yoga and Pilates , Music for Massage , Spa Music. Also this music is perfect as dream music, relax music,Healing music, Study Music, Sleep Music and music for the complete Relaxation
These videos are also Great for Deep Work, Study, Reading, Creative Work, Exercise, Yoga and Your other favorite daily activities.
In our channel you can find relaxing music for: sleep, meditation, yoga, zen, spa, massage, study and concentrate …
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To ENHANCE THE EFFECT, it is more than advisable to LISTEN regularly EVERY DAY.


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