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Vagus Nerve Massage for Insomnia
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Vagus Nerve Massage for Insomnia

1. Eye/Neck Magic for Safe Sleep
2. Golden Bamboo to Release the Day
3. Visceral Massage for Vagal Tone and Deep Sleep

If the ventral branch of the vagus nerve is not functioning properly it is not uncommon to have difficulty sleeping.

Eye/Neck Magic for Safe Sleep

80% of the fibers of the vagus nerve are afferent sensory fibers – which means they bring information from the body to the brain. When we do an exercise like this and improve our breathing pattern and neck alignment, our body tells our brain that we are safe and this in turn facilitates ventral vagus activity.

1. Forward head posture reduces the space available in the upper chest for breathing.

2. Reducing forward head posture takes pressure off of the nerves that reach the spinal chord to the heart, lungs and visceral organs.

3. Improving the alignment of the cervical vertebrae relives pressure on vertebral arteries relieving some pressure between the shoulders.

Golden Bamboo

This is a point on your face that is an endpoint of a large intestine acupuncture meridian. Your large intestine meridians can support you in letting go, and in letting go of the day. This acupuncture point will also support you in improved breathing. The muscles of your face are innervated by branches of the 7th cranial nerve. Changes to tension in our facial muscles provide feedback to our brain. In this case, we are telling our brain that it is safe to let go of the troubles of the day.

Visceral Massage for Vagal Tone and Deep Sleep

This organ massage for your vagus nerve will help you “rest and digest” the day. Stimulating the vagus nerve through your viscera acts as a natural tranquilizer. It signals to your brain that it is safe for you to go to sleep.

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