Electric Prep Chronicles Ep. 6 – New Jordans! | Thursday Night Bowling | Massage Therapy | Cat Bath?って動画が話題らしいぞ
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Welcome back to the Electric Prep Chronicles with this week being week #6! I am officially 11 weeks out from my show and have been seeing some great progression from week to week.

This week, I show everyone the Jordans that Meghan was supposed to get last week but they didn’t have what she was looking for and she tries them on and shows them off.

Also, I give you an inside look at my Thursday Night Bowling League with look-ins, interviews, and special appearances from my friends.

I also go over a few monthly errands that I run during the first week of the month that includes a haircut and a 90-minute deep tissue massage session.

Last but not least, we give Bradley the Cat his first ever bath at the age of 13??!!?!?

Thank you guys for watching!

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