Brain refreshing 50 minutes relaxing #4 Relaxing Music for Sleeping and Dreaming. 릴렉싱 스트레스 명상って動画が話題らしいぞ
#痛み #消える?


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In Relaxing Music there is a light that draws you to peace. The peace you seek to find the deep sleep the dreamy area of relaxation
A way to be at the point to hear your inner self

How to use brain to full potential
Studied for 50 minutes and then rested for 10 minutes

Brain refreshing 50 minutes Relaxing Music for Sleeping and Dreaming
Every 2 weeks. it gets uploaded

♪ relax music
♪ 아침 명상 음악
♪ 일할때 듣기 좋은
♪ 릴렉싱 음악
♪ 스트레스

0:00 tale of two sisters OST_ Epilogue
3:57 Nemo Egg_Finding Nemo Main Title
6:13 Brokeback Mountain OST _The Wings
9:15 Bach _Invention No.1 BWV 772 END.prproj
13:10 Edvard Grieg_Piano Concerto Op.16
19:10 Chopin_ Berceuse in D-Flat Major, Op.57 Lullaby
24:28 The Backyardigans BGM
31:53 Brahms _Intermezzo A Major 118 no2
42:39 Simon & Garfunkel_The Sound of Silence

🎨 graphicㅣ SENTIMENTAL 🎵 arrange l for guitars by SENTIMENTAL


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