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Learn 4 Thai massage techniques that address lower back pain!

This video shares a combination of therapeutic back massage and Thai Massage stretches that help release pain, ease discomfort and relax the lower back.

These are Thai back massage techniques for beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

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Learn Thai Massage so that giving is a pleasure, not a chore and gets to the root of people’s pain and problems. Thai Yoga Massage is a form of bodywork that is built on a foundation of loving kindness and compassion, both for yourself and your partner / client / loved ones.

You design sessions that combine customized massage techniques, fascia release, stretching and yoga that help get to the root of people’s issues, to release them and reprogram the body with healthy movement.

The Still Light Center Thai Massage system is built on this one secret for giving a massage: “how slow can you go, how high can you fly”. The more you ease in, take your time, listen, communicate and are gradual the better it will be… for you and for them. What’s more, you are always learning how to use your whole body to help give the massage.

Everything comes from your core and you use your feet, elbows, forearms and knees much more than you use your hands or thumbs. Giving massage this way is energizing, healthy, strengthening for you while you help them!

This tutorial which is a Thai massage sacrum and lower back pain treatment uses the same techniques I practice in my professional massages every day and for the past 20 years.

The logic behind it is to first promote deep relaxation for the back and get rid of knots and tension. From there you’ll learn movement, traction and circulation to help reprogram the back and the body with healthier, natural movements the way your body intended.

Melt stress, organically release back pain and feel incredible!!

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And you can practice these massage techniques next:

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To your health, to your clients’ & partners’ health!


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