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Low Back Pain Stretch seems to be a hot topic
#Will the pain go away?

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Today’s video shows a technique that can be used to stretch the low back and reduce tightness.

The set up in this video is very similar to how physical therapist and chiropractors position a patient’s body when performing a low back or lumbar manipulation.

This stretch involves pre-positioning the hip in flexion and rotating the spine by pulling on the arm. Then, pressure is applied to the shoulder and hip until a stretch is felt in the low back region.

This video is not intended to teach you how to manipulate your partner’s spine. Spinal manipulations should only be performed by rehabilitation professionals who have been trained in these techniques. If your partner experiences pain during this stretch, stop and choose a different option.

My upcoming book contains exercise programs for the most common low back issues. These programs also include a variety of mobility exercises that you can do on your own. Click the link to learn more about my book and pre-order it on Amazon. https://a.co/d/0g8uPRE

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>>1 Good work. always thank you

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