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General Arm Protocol: Beginning Massage Techniques seems to be a hot topic
#Will the pain go away?

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Apply at The Soma Institute to jumpstart a new massage therapy career today! Train in clinical massage to become a licensed massage therapist professional! Call 800.694.5314 now to begin classes soon.
Featuring: Rob Laubach, Soma Faculty Instructor
The SOMA Institute offers 11 month and 15 month Clinical Massage Therapy programs designed to accommodate busy schedules. The 11 month program students attend class 2 full days a week while the 15 month month students attend class all day on Saturday and one evening during the week. Students learn both wellness massage and more specific clinical techniques to improve range of motion, decrease pain, and improve posture. Massage therapy is a rewarding career and the SOMA Institute can help you achieve your goal of becoming a therapist that creates change in the world.

Please visit us at: http://soma.edu/

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