ASMR For Headache Relief 🌿 Calming Facial & Scalp Massage for Sleep (Layered sounds & Rain)って動画が話題らしいぞ
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The most calming spa facial, hair brushing and scalp massage for headache relief and sleep. Soft and slow pampering personal attention with real sounds and rain ambience.

🌿 Timestamps 🌿

0:00 Relaxing intro with hand movements
Head and scalp massage
01:13 Deep hair brushing with bamboo brush
03:55 Oiling your scalp
05:51 Deep scalp massage
Calming facial and skincare
08:20 Face cleansing oil & face massage
11:42 Deep face cleansing with foam
15:58 Wet sponge
16:51 Face steamer
18:25 Face cream
20:32 Face serum and jade roller
Face brushing to end 😌

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