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Today’s video demonstrates how to perform a simple neck and shoulder massage technique that targets the levator scapulae muscle and can help reduce neck pain.

The strap-like levator scapulae muscle runs from the transverse processes of cervical vertebrae (C1-4) to the superomedial angle of the scapula (shoulder blade).

The levator scapulae muscle has the ability to move both the shoulder blade and the neck. In terms of the shoulder blade, this muscle can create both scapular elevation (think shrugging your shoulders) and downward rotation. When the shoulder blade is fixed, the levator scapulae muscle creates ipsilateral (same side) side bend (ear to shoulder) of the neck.

In many cases, people with both neck and shoulder pain will present with tenderness at the point where the levator scapulae muscle attaches on the shoulder blade. Performing a bit of sustained pressure on this plant is often helpful in terms of reducing pain and improving both neck and shoulder function.

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