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✅ SMART NECK MASSAGER FOR NATURAL AND DRUG FREE PAIN RELEIF: Neck pain is a common complaint in India. Neck can be strained due to poor posture while sleeping, working on computer for long periods of time, jerking your neck during exercise, or using cell phone with head down. This smart neck massager simulates a hand massage to help relieve stiff muscles or tension in the neck, help relieve cervical pain/fatigue, regulate blood circulation, and bring adequate oxygen supply to your brain.
✅ ENJOY A RELAXING MASSAGE: Our neck massager uses the most recent technology to mimic the effectiveness of traditional massages and provide you quick relief for neck pain. Neck support for pain relief plays a big role in our wellbeing and productivity. HOUZAIDE smart neck massager is design to provide deep tissue massage with heat! It’s time to relieve stiff neck pain, relax and refuel your energy. This smart massage brings full benefits of a massage parlor with none of the hassle!
✅ 6 MODES ,15 LEVELS OF INTENSITY AND 15 MIN AUTOMATIC TIMER : This smart neck massager is equipped with 6 modes,15 levels of intensity,107.6°F constant-temperature & warm compress technique with an optional heating function (Turn On/Off as per need). By emitting low frequency pulses, this neck massager simulates 6 real massage techniques (Automatic pulse/ Scraping/ Cupping/ Shiatsu/ Knocking/ Acupuncture) and 15 adjustable intensity levels to stimulate the muscles and meet your different needs.
✅ ERGONOMICS DESIGN: The smart neck massager has been carefully engineered to provide its users maximum comfort, convenience, and truly effective professional pain relief therapeutic massage at home. The skin-friendly and breathable soft silicone base allow the electrodes to float 360 degrees, with U-shaped traction which can easily adjust the electrodes according to your neck curve, making it more comfortable to use and effectively relieves muscle tension and cervical fatigue.
✅ PORTABLE, CORDLESS & LARGE BATTERY CAPACITY: The smart neck massager is super light, cordless and includes remote control for wireless & hassle-free operation. Rechargeable built-in 1200mAh high-capacity battery allows you to enjoy comfortable massage for 8-10 times after being fully charged (with 15 mins massage automatic timer). This can be easily carried in your handbag/luggage when traveling allowing you to massage your neck anytime, anywhere.
✅ TIPS TO USE: 1. Charge the massager before 1st use as the battery may have drained before reaching you. 2. To charge use adaptor having 5V-1A or by plugging in USB cable to laptop. 3.Apply Oil/gel around the neck. 4. Start with lowest intensity i.e. “1” and then slowly increase the intensity. 5. You may feel pulse/or micro current which is normal , you will get used to of it as you become familiar. 6. Product automatically shuts off after 15 min, start it to use it again.
✅ GIFT OPTION: HOUZAIDE is committed to create health care products with fine quality. After using the electric pulse neck massager, customers fell in love with it because it can relieve muscle pain, fatigue, and stress. The packaging box is very well crafted, if you are looking for gifts for family and friends, the smart neck massager will be your ideal choice.
✅ USAGE SAFETY TIPS: Do read the manual and warnings before use. Wipe the neck and the 2 metal pads with a wet cloth/cream for a better massage experience. CANNOT BE USED IF YOU HAVE METAL IMPLANTS OR PACEMAKERS!!
✅ WARRANTY AND SUPPORT: This smart neck massager comes with 1 year of warranty from the date of purchase. In case of any issue just call our Customer Care : 1800-890-9002, Email: warranty@houzaide.com and we will take care of the your request. Please Note this massager has heat and EMS pulse, there is no vibration function.


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