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Contoured to fit over and around the curves of the body, SYNERGY STONES blend or “Synergize” soothing warmth, custom pressure and advanced massage techniques into an Ultra-Relaxing and Therapeutic sensation unlike any other.

Heated conveniently in a Microwave for 1-minute, between a BodyMed heating pad or in hot water, the heat lasts longer than any smaller stones and radiates quickly into the muscles for deep relief.

SYNERGY STONES make Massage easier and more effective. Whether you’re a massage professional, a Mother, a Husband, a Dancer, a Climber… We all have aches and pains and we all need a good stress relieving, body revitalizing, health restoring massage now practically every day. These are the tools you need to iron out the knots, and target those areas you need it most… When you need it, not next weekend or next month. Now.

Get the stress-relieving effect of a hot stone massage and the therapeutic qualities of a deep-tissue massage at the same time. Discover why SYNERGY STONES are finding their way over the backs, necks, shoulders, legs, feet, arms and hands… of thousands of people just like you… and me.

Learn more at http://www.SynergyStone.com

Music: http://www.purple-planet.com, http://www.ambient-mixer.com/


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