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ASMR Facial Treatment Massage | Personal Attention Massage Roleplay For Sleep
Hiya I hope you’re well 🥰 in this asmr roleplay for sleep I will start by giving you a quick skin exam with light triggers. I will be cleansing & toning your skin then I will do a skin care routine around your eyes & I will give you an oily massage at the end of the asmr facial treatment. I hope by the end of this asmr roleplay you feel relaxed, get asmr tingles and fall asleep. Love Geordie ASMR x
These oddly satisfying videos are called ASMR videos, the ASMR meaning stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response that is the tingly feeling that goes from your cranial nerves down to your spine. ASMR videos help with anxiety relief, relax and they can be to help you sleep, however they are not a replacement for any medical treatment.
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00:00 Intro
00:44 Face exam with the pen light
02:21 Facial cleansing ~ lotion sounds, face touching
05:08 Wiping away the cleanser
06:13 Toning your skin
07:57 Applying vitamin c treatment around your eyes
09:29 Applying the face mask
11:48 Chill time
12:14 Removing the face mask
13:34 Applying moisturiser & face massage roller
17:02 Oily face massage


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