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Have more concentration and focus during your reading or studying.
Beautiful relaxation music to read and study, composed by André Godoi.
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00:00 – Relaxing Music 01
14:11 – Relaxing Music 02
21:10 – Relaxing Music 03
35:59 – Relaxing Music 04


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📜 Message from the composer

“Hi, my name is André Godoi.

I am a composer of instrumental music and soundtracks. In this channel, it contains relaxing music, inspirational music, appreciation music, motivational music, calm music, stress relieving music, meditation music, sleep music, study music, piano music, harp music, violin music and flute music, all composed by me. Such characteristics do not exempt these pieces of musics from their identities. Each piece of music is one and each piece of music tells a beautiful story through the intonation of each musical note and each chord.

If you who came to this channel enjoyed the songs presented, felt good, managed to envision a moment of deep peace, reflection or simply silence, it means that you UNLEASH YOURSELF with the help of this pieces of musics. Unleash Your Mind.

I am grateful for following my work and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

Grateful, André Godoi”


credits of Musics and videos:
All songs composed by André Godoi

All royalty free videos from Pexel and Pixabay

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