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Soothing Beach Music for Relaxation and Studying – Boost your focus, productivity and get deep sleep with this music.
Relaxing Piano Music – Soothing Music – Meditation Music – Calming Study Music – Deep Sleep Music.
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🍀 I started this channel with a simple vision. It’s about creating a place you can visit where you can relax and sleep. Coming to the channel “SmoothThing” you will enjoy the best piano & cello music combined with natural sounds such as rain, flowing waterfall, ocean waves, birds… suitable for you to relax, relieve stress, cure insomnia or you can use it in Spas, Massages or in studying and working.
🍀 In addition, my channel also integrates 3.2Hz brain waves to keep the brain awake and improve the brain’s creative capacity. The channel also tunes to Solfeggio frequencies such as 432Hz, 528Hz, 963Hz .. these sounds also have the ability to go deep into the subconscious to help listeners connect with the subconscious and stimulate healing more effectively.
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🍀 Listen to more relaxing music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTEeI3N2ZioAR6sZW1QYPVrtb-A3F8N6j
🌞 For contact and submit music: lephongmedia@gmail.com
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