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An English video on Dan Gibson’s wrong idea about Islam and Petra. Dan identified Petra with Quran’s Hijr in his video “Petra in the Quran”. And the Quran says that Hijr was destroyed during the time of Hazrat Salih (A), a prophet of Islam, who predated Hazrat Isa (A). So, Dan’s surmise about the relation between Islam and Petra is wrong.
Dan Gibson is a neo-crusader. His aim is to destroy Islam through propagandizing false information. His propaganda that Petra was Mecca is wrong. No map of the world of any time ever shew Petra as Mecca. Petra was always Petra in every map.
In the video “Zamzam” Dan clearly confessed that he knows no place-names of Petra and what he said or wrote about Petra was on the basis of his “guess”. Guess cannot be research work. Therefore, all his sayings about Petra are negligible as guess-work.
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